Symptoms of Low Self Esteem You Need to Know About

One of the major symptoms of low self esteem that you need to know about is low self confidence and this pervades everything about a person that has low self esteem. A person that has low self esteem, for one thing, will always try to avoid making social contact with other people, and this is not to say that they attribute the same symptoms as autistic; they are perfectly able to contend with other people in social situations and make friends, but they are unable to do anything that is above or beyond a moderate social situation.

They will often be seen as shy and avoid any sort of eye contact. In the context of self esteem, it sometimes can be said that they will be normal in most social situations. But when these situations escalate, you may notice that their usual shyness will be more attributed and sometimes, they may even decide to exclude themselves from most social situations. These are the people that will tend to leave early at a party, they will tend to avoid making new friends and will stick with the people that they know. This is something that is quite common with people that have low self esteem, and they will often have a comfort zone that they will try to stick with and not go out of. This is not to say that they will lock themselves up in a cupboard or not go out at all, but they will be relatively timid in most situations and will keep to the people that they know.

This is of course much more common in places and events like parties, and they will not be much of a social butterfly. They will of course try to go up to other people, but they will always avoid situations where there is the possibility of rejection, and this means that they know that rejection will bring them down further. People with low self esteem are not active in their social life and they will often employ methods that are electrical in nature for them to meet other people.

This can be anything from online chats to social networking tools online, and they would prefer this to going out for a party. They also will avoid situations where they will have to go up against somebody as they have almost no confidence in their own ability. As you can see, these are the symptoms of low self esteem that you might want to know about, and this can help you to either identify them in yourself or the people around you.

Getting to know about this early on will help them to turn back the personality clock in their body and rebuild their self esteem. There are steps that can be taken to assess and improve the self esteem in someone, and they are freely available online or at a psychologist office near you. With this, you can make someone, or perhaps yourself, more confident than ever before.

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