How to Speak With Confidence and Win Over the World

One of the ways that you can tell if someone does not have that much confidence within them is by the way they speak, the words that they use, the tone and the overall volume. You would classify these people as decidedly soft spoken and sometimes even shy, when looking at the relationship of their body language to the way that they speak as well. There is a way to speak with confidence and this article will detail some of the steps that you need to know about to speak with the sort of conviction necessary to project yourself as someone who is commanding and confident.

The first thing you should not is the volume of your voice, and if you are naturally soft spoken, you may want to do something about that. But the funny thing is, some people who are soft spoken can appear massively confident; so that is not the only thing you need to take note of when trying to improve your speech impediments in relation to confident speaking. The thing you need to understand is that there must be enough volume for people to take notice, and not too much when they will just look at you as a raving lunatic with a hearing problem.

Do not shout. It is all about control. You can have a loud person but with a controlled volume in a sense that your voice never gets away with you. In the same light, you also need to contain your emotions, as some people have the problem where their emotions get the better of them and it seems like they are speaking while being poked by a cattle prod. Being confident means that you have control of the situation, and in speech, the situation is you. You need to calm yourself down and remember, speed is not a good thing here. Nor is speaking like a 500-year-old Sensei master.

You need to have a measure of pace where it is exciting to listen to but you can draw your listeners to what you are talking about. Body language is really important here and you cannot be distracting and you cannot be shy. Never put your head down and do not just try to get eye contact, but grab their pupils from them and exert as much force as you can to pierce through their heads to the other side of the wall.

Use your hands but be subtle and never flail yourself around, the whole lunatic vibe will come back and haunt you. In retrospect, it may not be that volume is everything. It is how you speak, the intonations that you use, the stresses to the important words and how you can just fluidly enter a conversation at the exact time where you should have. It is about timing as well and about the type of body language that you will be using. When you can master all this, then you can take the world by storm with some confident syntax.

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