How to Boost Your Confidence in 3 Lightning Quick Steps

Losing confidence is something that is really not strange and even the best of us have come across a time or situation when they felt that they were not up to their 100%, and because of this, they start to lose confidence about themselves and their own abilities. The strange thing about abilities is that they only work if you believe in them. It really is not some magic formula or some spell that you cast over yourself, but it is really a question of believing in something and making it work.

You can be a brilliant sculptor, but if you have been exposed to the sort of conditions that make you not believe in your own abilities, then you may lose all your abilities altogether. The thing about this is that most of our abilities lie in the mind. The way we do things, the expertise, our own brand of excellence and the methodologies all lie within the mind and when that happens, what we get is basically a blueprint of our gifts and talents written in the mind.

When we believe in them and are not affected by the sort of things that give off negative energy, then we have mental clarity. When we have mental clarity, we can then focus on our abilities and divert our energy into doing them. Now, when we lose the confidence to do them anymore, this is when our mind is clouded with negative thoughts and events that seem to be dragging us down. The end result is a mind that is not clear and is not able top focus on the gifts that we already have.

We get obscured and we cannot divert the energy needed to get this machinery going because all the energy is either lose within the superstructure of our cluttered mind or gets diverted into negative energy. So what we need in this case is to be able to boost confidence back in ourselves and clear our mind.

The first thing that you need to do is to step back and take a deep breadth. Meditate, go out in nature or take some yoga. If you can, go for some aromatherapy and a massage to clear your head and use that time when you are slipped into a relaxed state to take stock of your life and identify the negative things in them.

Next, create a list of these negative things and assess what exactly they are and how they play a part in your life. This is the most important part of this because what you are doing is essentially drawing up a battle plan for yourself and recognising your enemy.

When you know your enemy well, what you do next is the third and most important part of this plan, which is to decide how to best deal with it. You can eliminate it from your life, or you can tweak either yourself or your situation to turn the negative into a positive. Boost your confidence today.

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