Confidence Tips in a Demoralising World

The world is looking pretty gloomy in all respects and while this is not something that has been a non pattern for the past few thousand years, it has hit a sharp curve in the graph of ‘gloomy dispositions’. For one thing, the world economy has gone down the toilet and a lot of us have been affected by this. Spending has gone down, people have lost their jobs and companies are threatening worst times in the horizon.

Those that have been playing at the investment game has seen their stocks and shares flush down the toilet faster than they can say ‘Wall Street’, and it doesn’t seem to look good in the next few months either. What you need to understand is that the problems within the economy run quite deep and what you need to do is to prepare yourself for the fact that things might get even worse in the next few months.

Bottoming out is a reality we all have to be prepared for. So, now, as you look around your office and see the solid foundations of your career slowly become jittery and the cracks finally starting to show, you might lose a little confidence. Then there is this whole scare about the swine flu going about, with more than 80 people already dead in Mexico, the country in which this germ has seen its genesis. With our well connected world, and globalised village that we call earth, the spread of the virus has gone through other countries including the Middle East, Asia, US and parts of Europe. Hopefully with better healthcare and medical facilities, things can get done better and a vaccine can get out but who knows really.

The H5N1 virus was a virulent workhorse of a virus which killed of plenty of people even in developed countries. So now what seems like a harmless cold or flu could be the beginning of the end for many of us. Now the gloom does not stop there, what about the whole poverty situation, natural disasters, piracy, kidnapping, rising rates of crime and the potential for more crisis coming along. Things do not look good and bad news seems to overcome the news networks all over the world. Good news is few and far between.

So, it would not be surprising to note that many people all over the world are experiencing a global meltdown of confidence and self esteem and things need to change. What we need to do is to look at the good things in life. We need to take stock of our lives and maybe thank the fates that we are alive and healthy. That we have the necessities. Take enjoyment in the simple things in life and they could be just lying under a starry night and ogling at the wonder of space and time. It is time to change the focus. From the bad to the good, from the negative to the positive; change yourself from the inside today to beat the gloom and doom.

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