Confidence Building Exercises to Sweat Out Your Moping Self

The definition of someone who mopes is really someone who is dragging their feet all over the place, with no self-confidence, believing that the world is better off without them and finally convincing himself or herself that they are worth as much as bag of money with the bottom ripped open. Surely, you have seen or met this person before, and it seems that a dark cloud seems to follow them where ever they go. It rains when they come and generally, they spoil the party atmosphere faster than someone with bad gas. In fact, you could have been this person at one time or another and it does not feel good to be going around in the world thinking of dark things like death and suicide and cutting and drugs and overdose – they wear you out pretty fast.

The good news is that there are established step by step methods that you can follow to make sure that your confidence comes back to you. This is not saying that these methods will be really easy, but there are ways that you can regain your self esteem after some practice. You do not need to simply turn your life around, but it is a gradual process that requires one very special and key ingredient. And it is called desire.

You must have the desire to want to change things around and you must have the desire to regain the confidence that you have lost. The first and most important thing is to identify the enemy and the enemy is you. You are the one who is the main cause of your no confidence and it is you that must initiate the change. Ironic isn’t it. The explanation behind this is quite simple because it alludes to the fact that you and your skewed objectives have led you into areas of failure. For example, a person who is not a natural singer, convinces himself that he is, and starts a failed from the start career move into the singing industry. Constant failure leads him to get disappointed over and over again and slowly this person loses all of their self esteem.

As you can see, it is the person who believes in something that he has no gift in. You need to recognize what you are good at and develop this from there. Now take a good look at your life. What are your strengths? What are your natural and developed gifts that have made you the person you are today? Next thing that you should do is to recognize whether or not you are making full use of these gifts. It is very easy and simple to burn out and lose all confidence in yourself when you are doing something you are not made to do. Once you can get this list up, you need to eliminate the things in your life that are causing you grief, channel your energies to your talents and progress from there. Soon, you will have regained the self confidence that you need to be a better person.

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